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Uroco Limited
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
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ESWL or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

is the modern method of  treating kidney and urinary tract stones, without making any incision on the patient's body. It is, therefore, totally non invasive, painless, safe, effective and revolutionary.

It was invented by a German supersonic jet manufacturer called Dornier. This Company is now part of the prestigious Daimler-Benz Aerospace Group. Dornier is the World's leader in lithotripsy and has the best success rates of all machines on the World market today. The first time success in total clearance of kidney stones approaches 95%, whilst the competition success rates ranges from 60-75%


How does it work?

Successful treatment starts with optimum localisation of the stone which is achieved by integrated X- ray. This is computer controlled by the Dornier lithotriptor ensuring precise localisation. Following this localisation, an electromagnetic shock wave emitter (EMSE) discharges a predetermined number of shocks precisely at the stone. This shock wave is not to be confused with an electric shock. The repeated impacts directly on to the stone results in its pulverisation or crushing and the patient passes the small fragments. This may take up to three weeks for complete clearance.


Same Day, no anaesthesia treatment:

The procedure is done as a day procedure so the patient goes home the same day. No anaesthesia is required, only mild sedation is given. The patient can return to work the next day, thereby minimising time off work.


Other proven applications:

The Dornier lithotriptor can treat all stones of the entire urinary tract. It can also treat gall stones as well as it is fast proving its efficacy in orthopaedics. Such conditions treated are tennis elbow, heel spurs, and calcinosis of the shoulder.  


What happens to the kidney after ESWL:

The kidney is not damaged as the shock waves are precisely directed at the target stone. There is more than ten years experience with Dornier and hypertension has not been found to be caused by ESWL treatment. There will be transient haematuria (passage of blood in the urine). Apart from this, there will be no pain, or morbidity, following treatment by Dornier ESWL.


Who can be treated:

Any age can be safely treated. However, patients on steroids, aspirin, or blood thinners (anticoagulants) and those with bleeding disorders are not suitable. Once the patients on aspirin, anticoagulants, and steroids stop these medications for two weeks then they can safely have ESWL therapy.


Where will treatment be provided:

This is a mobile lithotriptor so that treatment can be administered at any medical facility. However, the machine will be headquartered at the Southern Medical Clinic at 26-34 Quenca Street, San Fernando, where a full range of support and modern facilities are available.


How do I obtain treatment:

Simply call Uroco Limited at:  6 L.R. SAWH (657-7294) or from overseas 868-657-7294. An appointment will be made for you and a preliminary consultation with the Consultant Urologist will be arranged. At that consultation the indication for ESWL will be examined after appropriate X-rays are taken. The patient will then be scheduled for ESWL once adequate indications for ESWL exist.






The Lithotripter with red arrows indicating the area where shock-waves pass through the patient

A patient positioned on the machine during the procedure. The patient is conscious.

Uroco Limited has been operating its Lithotripsy procedures since 1994 with 100% patient satisfaction.
Services provided on Sundays if required.

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